Wednesday, April 11, 2007

QESOSA Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School

Today Dale Stowe and myself left out of the Hotel around 8:00 and headed out on a school visit to Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School that was located close to Mainland China. We were picked up at the hotel by Agnes and Dr. Peter Wong. Along the way home we dropped off Dr. Wong at his office and headed out to the school. This school is a secondary school (grades 7-12) but because it has only been around for two years right now it only has 7th and 8th Grade. The school has just above 500 students, 13 years ago the land where the school sits and around it was empty, now, 13 years later, 300,000 people live in this town. Now, that is a population explosion if I have ever heard of one. Believe it or not, Hong Kong is only the 35th largest city in the world, with almost 8 million people....that's crazy! Back to the school, from the minute Dale and I stepped into the school we could tell we were at a first class school. Every room was equiped with a smart board and clicker system access (and the teachers/students knew how to utilize it!). After visiting with some of the educators we then observed two English classes and then were given a school tour by a few students. During the visit we got to see some of the students practicing for their school play that is coming up next week, The Wizard of Oz, all students are involved in this play (very invitational). After the school tour we then ate lunch, fried rice, with the educators (the students get an hour lunch break...but kids dont get excited they have to go to school from 8:00-5:00...dont want to hear you complain any more :).
Here are the kids after their lunch break catching a game of Chinese Checkers...looks like and intense match!After eating lunch Dale and I then were given a brief lesson on how to use the smart board and clicker system by seventh grade (Form 1) students. After this short lesson we then had a quick debriefing session with the Asst. Principal and she drove us back to our hotel. It was a real suprise that we got to see school actually in session because for a majority of the schools this is a week off because of Easter along with a holiday that is much like our Memorial Day. I think this afternoon I am going to constant going has caught up with me, I will get another post up tonight before bed. Looks like Dale and I will be helping out at a basketball camp at Aw Boon tomorrow, it should be an experience! Take Care-DTW
Picture of the front of thw school...the first few initals have to do with the school's affiliation, Queen Elizabeth School Old Students' Association.

This is the teachers offices, in Hong Kong teachers go to the students, for the most part the students do not go to the teachers, so the teachers all share an office and each have their own cubical.

This is Dale with some students of Tong Kwok Wah...these kids were awsome!

Here is Dale and I with a teacher form Tong Kwok Wah, hopefully she will be able to come and visit us in Georgetown for the IE Leadership Conference in October!

Here is one of the students at Tong Kwok Wah teaching us about how to use the smart board and clicker system....I like the idea of school uniforms....doesnt this student look well dressed!

Mrs. Jennings, I couldn't go without putting in a picture of the school's library....

I wouldnt mind having basketball practice outside (few indoor courts in HK) on this court everyday!

Here is a picture at the end of our visit of Dale and myself along with a educator from Tong Kwok Wah as well as the Asst. Principal Ms. Kwan.


Anonymous said...

It was great to hear your voice today. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to see first hand school in action.


Anonymous said...

Tell Coach he looks like he's holding up well. Cleaned out his mailbox today. It took 40 minutes! You guys be careful.

Anonymous said...

It's our pleasure to show you around here :)

I have a great time chatting with you and Dale and I hope that you enjoyed spending time with us :)

Jenny (one of the teacher in TKWSS)

p.s. Please tell Harley that I really like him :D